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        Aviation Communication

        We specify, install and integrate a complete spectrum of airport technologies (airside and landside), using the highest engineering standards and applying the latest ICAO recommendations.

        Our comprehensive offerings include:

        • Air Traffic Control Systems

        • Air Traffic Management Systems (ATM)

        • Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS/AFTN)

        • Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

        • Network Infrastructure (Structured Cabling, Wireless LAN)

        • Telecommunication Infrastructure

          o Communication Systems
          o Intercom Systems
          o Integrated Voice Communication System IVCS Recording
          o Air-to-Ground Ground-to-Ground Communications
          o Satellite Communication Systems

        • Navigational Aids

          o Instrument Landing System ILS
          o Doppler VHF Omni Directional Range DVOR
          o Distance Measuring Equipment DME

        • Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA)

        • Security Systems

          o CCTV, Fence Intrusion Systems and Access Control Systems

        • Primary Surveillance Radar

        • Secondary Surveillance Radar

        • Meteorological Doppler Weather Radar

        • Surface Movement Guidance and Control System and Multilateration

        • COSPAS-SARSAT Satellite System for Search and Rescue

        • MEOSAR Satellite System for Search and Rescue

        • Automatic Aeronautical Information System (AAIS)

        • Runway Visual Range / Automatic Weather Observation System / Wind / Low Level Wind Alert Systems (RVR/AWOS/WIND/LLWAS)