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        Broadcast Transmission

        We specify, install and integrate complete transmission solutions for broadcast systems relating to television, radio and telecommunications in general. ?

        Our comprehensive offerings include:

        • Transmission systems for Analog and Digital TV/Sound

          o TV Transmitters; High/Low Power UHF/VHF Transmitter, Air/Liquid Cooled
          o Sound Transmitters; High/Low Power VHF FM Transmitter, Air/Liquid Cooled
          o Antenna FM Radio/Television Systems
          o Broadcast Combiner FM Radio/Television
          o Broadcast Filters/Patch Panel/Air Coaxial Cable
          o Dummy Loads/Pressurization Equipment (Dehydrator)
          o Broadcast Components; Power Divider/Directional 3dB Coupler/U-Links/Rigid Line/RF Switches

        • Studio Transmitter Links; Microwave Radio (Analog & Digital)/VSAT

        • Fixed or Portable Satellite Portable Broadcast Systems

        • Flyaway DSNG Systems Terrestrial Satellite Broadcasters (Fixed Earth Stations)

        • Professional Encoders / Decoders Mpeg2 and Mpeg4, Standard - High Definition for Satellite & Over IP Transmissions

        • Head-ends for Multi-channel Transmissions (Multiplexing)

        • Media Systems and Solutions

        • Audio & Video Monitoring

        • ENG / SNG Vans Installation Hardware and Peripherals

        • Cables and Connectors for RF Transmission

        • Design, Planning, Coordination and Optimization of Broadcast Networks