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        ODM Design

        Amplus Communication provides ODM Build-to-Spec design services. ?You may engage us at various stages of your product design cycle, from product specification, prototyping, full-scale development, to productionization, production transfer and product improvement. ?You can either start with just a product requirement or you may already have a paper design that needs to be prototyped, or a lab prototype that requires to be translated into a producible unit - we can take over the design activities from your selected point in the product development cycle.?

        In addition to our RF, microwave and millimeter-wave specialty, you can also come to us for full spectrum manufacturing, including logic, mixed signal, power circuits and mechanical parts. Our relationships with a comprehensive set of associates have been built up for executing a breath of build-to-print jobs. We are geared to design new, upgrade and replacement circuits to meet your specific business needs.