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        Our Services

        We undertake a spectrum of activities from full-turnkey OEM (build-to-print) contract manufacturing, ODM (build-to-specification) services, to the supply of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave modules and sub-systems.? Our combination of wireless expertise, production experience and strategic location enables us to offer an integrated customized approach to cater precisely to your requirements.?

        Our services include:

        Full Turnkey Product Services

        • OEM Services
        • ODM Product Design
        • RF & Microwave Modules
        • Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (PLDRO)
        • Power Amplifiers
        • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
        • Synthesizers
        • Engineering Services
        • Repair & Maintenance

        System Integration Services

        • Proximity Wireless
        • Asset Management
        • RFID